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About us

Get to learn more about us and some of the good works our company have been doing in recent times.

About us

Indexcapital Investment is a research-based investment management company with a singular focus on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. Founded in 2015, Denver manages money for many of the world’s capital investors.

Denver uses technology and mathematics to investigate this process and to uncover abstract patterns and order that can be used to forecast the probability distribution of outcomes via mining and trading. We then develop and implement algorithms designed to profit from this order systematically, to help invest and grow the money people are saving for their future.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Julius Denver, Denver Investments now manages approximately $60 million of crypto-assets for many of the world’s largest Investors.

Indexcapital Investment Focuses Majorly on Forex Trading, Crypto Currency Trading and Crypto Mining, Helping investors from all round the world secure profit on any investment of their choice. Currently a total sum of 824 expert traders are in it’s network constantly trading real-time. The secret of success of the economic achievements lies in the constructing a model of society, the country's small business is the engine, which invents and markets daily its know-how products in the global market.The shares of such companies are constantly increasing in value, so the Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the largest in the world, and 80% of the shares that are bought and sold in Japan are traded on it.

Indexcapital Investment is an investment company officially registered In Italy and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The priority direction of Indexcapital Investment is the investment in securities of small enterprises in Japan. Forex, also known as foreign exchange or FX trading, is the conversion of one currency into another. It is one of the most actively traded markets in the world, with an average daily trading volume of $5 trillion.

Forex, or foreign exchange, can be explained as a network of buyers and sellers, who transfer currency between each other at an agreed price. It is the means by which individuals, companies and central banks convert one currency into another. Following the trends of change in the market of one of the largest stock markets of the world, the company Indexcapital Investment has come out with a proposal to expand the range of investors and to make available the opportunity to purchase shares of Japanese companies for everyone from different parts of the world.

Crypto trading, or cryptocurrency trading, is simply the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Like in Forex, you can also buy and sell a cryptocurrency for another, like Bitcoin or altcoin for USD and Euro. This is one way of getting involved in the world of cryptocurrencies without having to mine it.

Crypto mining is the process of validating other people’s transactions with a computer and then adding them to the long, public list of all transactions known as the blockchain. In exchange, people get rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can become a miner. But before you get excited, it’s worth noting that mining is not always profitable. Depending on several factors, such as which cryptocurrency you’re mining, how fast your computer is, and the cost of electricity in your area, you may end up spending more on mining than you earn back in cryptocurrency.

Our Team

Exclusively focused on investing in blockchain technologies, the Indexcapital Investment team is experienced in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology.

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